Driving on the Left…and I’ll Take a TESLA With That!

Image of Deb Seymour in a UK Telsa

Gentle Readers: In today’s post, I have two questions for you: 1. What is “wrong” with this TESLA Model 2. What on earth am I even doing in it (besides looking weird)? ********************************************************************************** Welcome to Deb Goes Green In the UK: Driving on the Left-Hand Side (!) This episode was completely unplanned, but then again, […more …]


UK Electric Highway

image of Deb Seymour at the UK Electric Highway

Tally-ho! Off we go on the United Kingdom’s Electric Highway!                         The entire UK Electric Highway is operated by Ecotricity, the UK’s first  green utility company.The capital to build and maintain this highway, along with solar and wind powered sources, doesn’t come from the […more …]


More Less Plastic: Salad-In-A-Jar, Thai Nesting Boxes, Swiss Army Forks & Bill the Butcher

Image of salads in Mason jars

A picture is worth a thousand words: here are some of the things I use to help avoid using plastic bags.                         Plus: I FINALLY found an old-fashioned butcher in Seattle who not only sells the most organic of organic grass-fed products, but they […more …]


…And The Cats Are Killing My August Trash Count.

Image of Deb

Meet Morpheus and Peaches. They are cute. They are funny. They are soft. I love ‘em to pieces… …BUT THEY ARE KILLING MY TRASH COUNT. *I* may make only *one* two-quart jar of trash a month, but *their* kitty poop fills up my twelve-gallon trash box anyway. I use the Silica litter that dries up […more …]


Life Without Wastebaskets: Month Five…

Image of Deb

Still attempting to reach Zero Waste by limiting myself to one 2-quart “Mason” jar of non-recyclable, non-compostable, non-re-purposeful trash. And boy, is it a bitch! This month’s jar is JAM-PACKED, and I have a couple of small balls of plastic set aside to start this month’s jar…sigh. Helpful things I have discovered during this Zero-Waste […more …]


Life Without Wastebaskets: Month Four

Image of Deb

I am now into four months of my “one mason jar a month” and I am holding steady. The only thing that chaged was the was the style of jar…but this, like the last three months, is a two-quart mason jar. The good news behind the change in jars is that I have finally found […more …]


“Gasless On Greenwood”(2014 Greenwood Car Show)

Image of Deb Seymour and her 2013 Nissan Leaf

Here, here for this year’s “Gasless on Greenwood”, the annual Seattle Electric Vehicle Association display at Seattle’s Greenwood Car Show!!! Once again, our stalwart band of electron-powered car enthusiasts took the prize for the largest car club in attendance, with 41 electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes! Everything from detailed home convsersions to the […more …]


Life Without Waste Baskets Part Three: Active Discard

Image of unwanted plastic packaging

“Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rot“- Bea Johnson, The Zero Waste Home “If it weren’t for plastic packaging, I’d be zero-waste” -David Keenan,  Seattle Musician (from a Facebook Post) ***********************************************************************************e Bea Johnson’s “Five R’s” is how she maintains zero waste. David Keenan’s sentiment epxressed in a post to my Facebook site,  is also true So how […more …]


Life Without Waste Baskets Part Two: Terracycling

Image of Terracycle box

  In my quest to produce only one mason jar a month of garbage, recycling is a must. It is also  in which something the City of Seattle has been a pioneer: we were one of the first major US cities to have curbside recycling and later were one of the first to adopt single-stream […more …]


Life Without Wastebaskets Part One: One Mason Jar A Month Or Bust!

Image of Bea Johnson

  As many of my regular readers know, I have been on a multi-year quest to get to zero waste. So far, it has been a fascinating journey of triumph and failure and a lot of learning about just how insidious our consumer culture is. It is SO darned difficult to get away from excess […more …]


2013 Successes & Break-Evens


I am happy to report my water usage was more effcinent, and my electricty use somewhat down. A reminder to those who live outside Washington State RE electricty:  our state’s electricity is 94.7 renewably made from hydro-electric, solar and wind. The other is nuclear and natural gas. Beacause of this, I bought two solar panels […more …]


Deb’s Carbon Output 2013. Very Disappointing.

Image of Deb

This year sucked due to  to excessive air travel back and forth to CA to deal with problem after problem with my 81 year old mother.   I also had to deal with selling off her car, a house and other time-sucking, CO2 spewing activities.  I guess the upshot is good: there is one less […more …]



Image of Deb Seymour

On Monday, April 21, I took my new LEAF for its second* mini-road trip: up Snoqulamie Pass to the Summit! Whee! We left home with 100% charge/90 mile range.  Drove to Bellevue’s Mercer Canal Building, (16 miles)  where there is A Charge Point DC Charger. Well: there is, but it isn’t working. Pfffft. So I charged […more …]


Putting A Lid On It (Plastic Bottle Cap Recycling)

Image of Bottle Cap Recycling Bin

What do you do with all those annoying small, hard-plastic bottle lids and caps that regular recycling won’t take? YOU TAKE THEM TO AN AVEDA STORE! Yep, you read right! The company has worked hard with its packagers and supplier to find a source that recycles the bottle,caps into caps for their own lotions and […more …]


A Tale of Two Test Drives

Image of Deb Seymour and a 2012 i-Miev

Today I had a chance to drive both a 2012 Mitsubishi i-Miev and a 2011 Nissan LEAF   belonging to two  friends. This meant I could *really* take ‘em out and drive along, with no dealers breathing down my back. Lovely! While I would need much more time to give detailed reports, here are the sentences that […more …]