Putting A Lid On It (Plastic Bottle Cap Recycling)

Image of Bottle Cap Recycling Bin

What do you do with all those annoying small, hard-plastic bottle lids and caps that regular recycling won’t take? YOU TAKE THEM TO AN AVEDA STORE! Yep, you read right! The company has worked hard with its packagers and supplier to find a source that recycles the bottle,caps into caps for their own lotions and [...more ...]


A Tale of Two Test Drives

Image of Deb Seymour and a 2012 i-Miev

Today I had a chance to drive both a 2012 Mitsubishi i-Miev and a 2011 Nissan LEAF   belonging to two  friends. This meant I could *really* take ‘em out and drive along, with no dealers breathing down my back. Lovely! While I would need much more time to give detailed reports, here are the sentences that [...more ...]


If These Were YOUR Children, Would You Want Them To Live Like This?


    Trash as far as the eye can see: Worldwide waste production could increase 3X by 2100 by  Michael Richard Graham (from www.treehugger.com) “We can’t keep doing ‘business as usual’ We produce a lot of trash. While many make efforts to reduce what they send to the landfill, and useful materials are more recycled now than ever [...more ...]


Get Ready For The Sustainable Ballard Fest!

Sustainable Ballard Festival!

It’s the Tenth Annual Sustainable Ballard Festival!  Yes, folks, my own little neighborhood in little ole Seattle has a whole Sustainable organization, helping to educate and support neighbors going green! From their website: “Family-friendly, FREE, and full of surprises, the Sustainable Ballard Festival is celebrating its 10th year in a big way! Test ride an [...more ...]


Zipping Towards Zero Waste: Small Appliances


Zero-waste lifestyle advocate Bea Johnson of the Zero Waste Home tells us that part of her journey into living a zero waste lifestyle is reducing the number of items she actually needs and uses especially in the kitchen. In a recent blog post, she asked her readers what essential kitchen items they live without and [...more ...]


Fall 2013: Harvest #1

August harvest #1

Well…I should really say BIG harvest #1…I have been nibbling since early July  as things ripened. A tomato here, a cucumber there…you know.  It’s really hard to leave those tantalizing bright red strawberries alone when sitting on the front steps waiting for my ride. And it is not really fall-it’s early August, which is technically [...more ...]


Gotham Greens: Hope For Rooftop Gardens


So many people think that it is impossible to raise vegetables in the city effectively in their own back yards, let alone on a commercial scale. But the folks at Gotham Greens are proving otherwise. Centered in Brooklyn, Gotham Greens realized that while arable land in dense cities may be scarce, the availability of unused roof top space [...more ...]


A Low-Emissions Love Fest


It was a low-emissions love fest in my driveway last weekend:no full-time gasoline burners! Now, if we had only thought to throw in the bicycles and walking shoes… All I know is that this photo would not have happened a mere 15 years ago! The fact that I have an electric vehicle, a 55-60 mpg [...more ...]


Pesticide-Free & Proud Since 1995

Pesticide-free & Pround Since 1995!

Shove it, Monsanto.  This garden has been pesticide-free since 1995. And now…[drum roll, please...]…presenting  Deb’s Late Spring Planting 2013!


The Ongoing Outgoing Basket

The Good Will Basket

One of the hardest things about keeping down the ever-combative tide of junk in my house is making the decision to give something away. The *second* hardest is *sticking* to that decision…or rather, it *used* to be. Enter the “Ongoing Outgoing Basket” concept. It used to be that I would go on a “give-away” rampages [...more ...]


You Never Know Who You’re Gonna Meet :-)


Dear Little VW  “BIOAUTO”  Parked In in Kirkland, WA, March 2013: Hello from your alt-fuel cousin Zoe ZENN Car!  Even though you are not an all-electric car like me, I am so glad to see you! You see, despite the explosion of Nissan LEAFS, Chevy Volts and Teslas in the Pacific Northwest, sometimes it is [...more ...]


7000 Electric Miles Driven


Whoopie! I ‘ve  driven  over 7000 electric car miles  in my 2008 ZENN all-electric Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV)! So, what does that mean in Carbon Footprint terms ? Well, let’s do some math: -7000 city miles  at 20 MPG (Acura, Buick, BMW,etc) =350 gallons of  gas -7000 city miles  at 29 MPG (Mazda Protoge, Honda Fit, etc) [...more ...]


More New EV Buddies

EV Charging Sign, SeaTac

“Toot- toot!”, honked  Zoe ZENN Car recently. “I now have even MORE new EV friends!” Once again,  I had to travel to CA on a Mom Emergency Visit and once again, I drove my beloved Zoe ZENN Car to the SeaTac airport garage and parked her in the EV charging bay on the fifth floor. [...more ...]


Ban The Bottle: Concord, MA First US City To Ban Plastic Bottles

plastic bottles

Concord, MA has become the first city in the USA to ban single-use plastic bottles! I an really excited about this! I, too, once bought into the Bottles Water Myth. I was going to be healthy, darn it! Who could tell what was *really* lurking in the City Tap Water? Probably all sorts of Noxious [...more ...]


Deb Is Guest Co-Host on “Transport Evolved” Podcast!

Nikki 2

On late Tuesday (or was it early on Wednesday?) of last week,  I received an invitation from Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield to be a guest on her international podcast about electric vehicles, “Transport Evolved”. WOWIE! What a chance to go on air and blabber about my favorite subject aside from zero-waste: electric cars! And what a crash course, pardon [...more ...]